October 29 2017


TOPIC: Economic Boom.

TEXT: II Kings 7:1-20


1. to appreciate how God makes economic boom to follow spiritual healing;

2. that we may seek first the Kingdom of God; and

3. to expect economic boom as the practical expression of divine favours to men who are in tune with Him.


The economic situation in Samaria was so bad that the people ate their own children as food (II King 6:25-29). The king, rather than seek Elisha’s advice, vindictively requested for his head (II King 6:30-31). However, Elisha constructively conveyed the word of God to the people. The prophetic word was too great to be believed by all. Because the calamity of the land was so great; so much more was the relief prophesied and the fulfilment of it was to happen soon. However, one of the King’s aides doubted God’s word that watched over His word and brought it to pass, punished the aide’s unbelief with death. We will learn in this study that no situation is too hard (Gen. 18:14) or too difficult for God to deal with.


1. Discuss your understanding of economic recession and boom-their nature, scope and practical expressions.

2. Read II Kings 7:1-20.

i) What situation prompted the miracle?

ii) Discuss the practical details of how the miracle happened

iii) Discuss how glorious the fulfilment was and what made it so.

3. i) Read Gen 26:1-6, 12-14; 41:25-45; Rom 15:24-29; I Cor. 16:1-4 and discuss how God intervened in the past.

ii) What hope do we have in Nigeria today of having a similar economic deliverance? Matt 6:33; II Chron. 7:14.

4. What personal traits, especially weaknesses, must be dealt with if we hope to enjoy God’s economic boom today? Prov. 1:19; Ezek 22:12; Rom 4:20; I Tim 6:6; I Tim. 6:5, 10; Heb. 3:12.


No matter how ugly the economic situation in Nigeria, we should have faith in God, who forgives the sins of those who repent and forsake them. We should trust Him to heal our land and thereafter revive the economy. Christians should not allow their adversities to dictate their actions. Look beyond them; look away to Jesus. Seek divine direction and intervention and follow His ways closely even when they seem not to make sense or agree with sound economic principles.


When people are spiritually revived; their land gets economically revived too.

MEMORY VERSE: Gen 18:14.

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