2nd Sunday in Epiphany

January 14, 2018.

SUB-THEME/1: Introductory Studies

TOPIC: The God we are called to please.

TEXT: Psalm 115:1-18.


i. to appreciate the difference between the only true God and the heathen gods;

ii. to appreciate better the glorious attributes of the God we are to please.


The knowledge of the living God we serve as Christians is hidden to unbelievers and the heathen. The unbelievers serve man-made gods informs of images and idols made with earthly materials, whereas Christians serve the invisible God in heaven. The God we are to please is the immortal, invisible, and ever-loving God who created all things but Himself was not created. He is also the Judge (Heb.12:23), who punishes iniquities (Heb.12:6) and all forms of unrighteousness regardless of who is involved (Acts 10:34).


1. How would you compare God and the gods?Gen.31:19, 30; Exod.12:12; 15:11.Psa.96:5; Isa.37:19.

2. Mention some of the attributes of the God we are to please from Gen.1:31; Psa.90:1-2; 100:5; Isa.40:28; Rev.4:8.

3. Do some Christians take God for granted? Why and with what consequences? II Sam 6:3-7; Jonah4:1-3; Acts 5:1-5.

4. How has our generation neglected God for the gods in their different forms? Explain in your own word and in the context of 1Kings.11:33; Jer.2:19; Rev.2:14.


There is great temptation to take the God we are to please for granted. He can’t be seen with the physical eyes like the heathen gods or idols but His presence and power can be perceived by all who draw near Him. He has glorious attributes that readily show who He is and the Bible helps us in this regard. The perishable idols exist only because He allows them.


The god you can see and touch is not the true God.

MEMORY VERSE: Isa.40:28.

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