September 24, 2017


TOPIC: Spiritual Healing 1: Access to God.

TEXT: Jer. 31:16-20, 23 – 28; Psa. 85:1 - 13.


1. Understand spiritual healing especially, as a means to open heavens;

2. Realise the importance of access to God; and

3. Seek God’s favour that stems from access to Him and the healing of a land.


Spiritual healing usually opens direct access to God. It comes after the genuine repentance by God’s people and God’s forgiveness of their sins. Spiritual healing also help to restore the backslidden and lost fortunes. This is, God’s turning around the captivity of His people. Spiritual healing also connotes special divine visitation of God to a people who call upon His name out of a pure heart. For example, Daniel (Dan 9:17-25) gave himself to earnest, fervent supplication for himself and his people. God responded marvellously with access, concern and blessings. As Daniel stood in the gap then; so a man needs to stand in the gap today!


1. From Psa. 85:1-7; 67:1-7.

i) How would you explain “spiritual healing”? Psa. 85:1-4; 67:1; Jer. 31:16, 17.

ii) What are some of its features, Psa. 85:4-8; 67:3-7; Jer. 31:23-25?

iii) How is it a means to open the heavens (Ezek 1:1; Matt 3:16) for a land? Psa. 67:6; 85:1a, 8-13; Hosea 6:11.

2. How would you explain “access to God”? Why does a land need it? Psa. 85:8-13.

3. Highlight and discuss from the scriptures some evidences of access to God occasioned by spiritual healing-when God turned around the fortunes of men (or promises to do so, in our time). Deut 33:28; II Chron. 7:14; Psa. 68:8.

4. i) God has made Christ a door for men (John 10:7-9; 14:6) so they can have access to Him and partake of the commonwealth of Israel. Discuss this in the light of Eph. 2:11-18; Heb 10:19-22.

ii) State and discuss the requisite details of this great and open door for man to God.


God’s favour is always evident on a healed land through the answers that people receive to their prayers. As Christians, we are expected to live godly so as to receive this favour from God.


Having peace with God through Christ is the only way to access God and His healing!

MEMORY VERSE: Psa. 85:1.

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