20th Sunday in Trinity

October 15, 2015

SUB THEME: The Power of His Reign.

TOPIC: Kingdoms at War.

TEXT: John 1:5; II Cor. 10:3 – 5.


(i) That believers may be know they are engaged in an on-going war;

(ii) That believers may be helped to prepare to engage in the warfare for victory;

(iii) That they may know the assurance of their victory through Jesus Christ’s reign.


The Dictionary defines “war” as

(1) a situation in which two or more countries or groups of people fight each other over a period of time

(2) a fight or an effort over a long period of time to get rid or stop something unpleasant. “A” “battle” is

(i) a fight between armies, ships or planes, especially during a war

(ii) a violent fight between people or groups of people trying to win power or control. Battles and wars are the contests people and nations attempt to show their supremacy, might and both ownership of lethal weapons, and superior fire power. Different sectors or phases of a war are referred to as battles. Believers have only one war and it is being fought in different battles. The war is against our souls, our eternity; and it is intended to take us away from God and give to sin and the world. This singular war is the battle over our souls, health, finance, family peace, career, etc.


1. What is the nature and intensity of this warfare? Gen 3:1; 4:8; II Sam 24:1; Eph 6:12; Rev 2:14 etc.

2. What are the levels of warfare and their implications? Prov. 4:23 – 27; Matt 2:1 – 3, 16; Acts 8:9 – 23; 5:1, 2; II Cor. 10:3 – 5; Gal 2:4 etc.

3. What kingdoms are at war and how are they represented in the war? John 1:5; I Thess. 5:5; etc.

4. What means of grace are in supply to give believer’s victory in this war?

5. How does the power of Christ’s reign assure us of victory? Psa. 144:1, 2; etc.


Spiritual war consists of Satan locking up, resisting, striking, seeking to hinder or hold back what is ours, influencing or pushing us into evil or trouble with God etc. But Jesus Christ is in us and He has conquered Satan at Calvary eternally. Therefore our fight against Satan is from the vantage point of Christ’s victory; not in hopelessness or helplessness

Food for Thought:

No retreat, no despair; Christ has won the battle for us already. He waits to see us show it forth.

Memory verse: Psa. 144:1, 2.

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