Study 1/1: January 6 Epiphany

SUB THEME: Introductory Study

TOPIC: General Introduction to theme & series.

TEXT: Dan.4:24-27; Luke 12: 42 – 47.


To help participants

i. grasp the meaning of the theme

ii. recognize godly leadership, and

iii. be challenge to have a desire to raise godly leadership.


The call for godly leadership in the political arena and Christian discipleship may be indicative of a society that has strayed from God’s pattern and ordained style of leadership. What then is leadership? It is “the capacity of someone to lead others;” “having or occupying the position as a leader of a group, organization, etc.” Godly leadership is the leadership that recognizes “that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He chooses,” (Dan.4:25) and knows “that heaven rules” (Dan.4:26).

The cardinal question in this study then is with so many leaders lacking in the godly virtues of humility and selflessness, has human society not been engulfed by ungodly leadership?


1. What does godly leadership mean to you as individuals and as a church? Luke 12:42, 43, Mark 10:42-45.

2. In Dan.4:24-27; Mark 10:41-47; Luke 12: 42, 43; Phil.2:4 mention and discuss some traits of godly leadership.

3. Define and discuss the following about godly leadership: Characteristics of godly leadership;

i. Characteristics of ungodly leadership;

ii. Why and how to raise godly leadership;

iii. Godly leadership in relation to Christian discipleship.

iv. What do godly leadership and politics share in common

v. Why should we desire to raise godly leaders and leadership? Prov.29:2; 14:34.


Christians ought to always remember that all the authority and power that leadership position confers on us are for us to provide godly leadership wherever we are, and in our respective levels of service.


Acknowledge heaven’s rule and you’ll have the key to a meaningful rule on earth.

MEMORY VERSE: Luke 12: 43

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