1st Sunday in Advent

December 9, 2018.

SUB THEME/8: Benefits of a life that pleases God.

TOPIC: Not suffering the second death.

TEXTs: Revelation 2: 11; 20:13-14; 21:8.


i) To understand the biblical concept of second death;

ii) To appreciate how and why not being hurt by second death is a benefit.


The ‘second death’ is ‘being cast into the lake of fire.’ It is a divine judgement reserved exclusively for the unsaved and all whose lives are not consistent with the scriptures at the time of the judgement.

But for those whose lives are pleasing to God, they will “not be hurt by the second death because on such the second death has no power.’’


. Read the following scriptures and discuss what you understand by the second death, Rev. 2: 11; 20: 6, 14; 21:8.

2. What meaning does the statement “he that overcometh shall not be hurt by the second death’’ (Rev.2:7, 11; 20:6) convey to you?

3. What will enable a person to escape the second death?Rev. 2:11; 20:6; cf. John 3: 3, 5, 16-18.

4. What will then be the blessedness of Christians who escape the second death? Isa.61:6; Rev. 5:10; 20:4, 6.


Be glad and expectant.Living to please God will secure for us a part in a blissful eternity with God. On the other hand, living contrary to God’s standards is an express invitation to the second death. The choice lasts only while we still live on earth. When the books are opened, whoever does not have his name written in the book of life, will be liable to the second death.


Now or never: Is your name in the book of life?

MEMORY VERSE: Rev. 2: 11.

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