July 30, 2017

SUB-THEME/5: Prerequisites for healing the land

TOPIC: Sincere Repentance and Confession.

TEXT: II Chron. 30:6-16.


i. grasp the true meaning of Confession and Repentance;

ii. appreciate the significance of confession and repentance;

iii. realise the role of confession and repentance in the healing of the land.


Sincere confession and repentance mean doing an open acknowledgment of one’s wrongdoings and having a resolution to forsake them and turn to God (Prov. 28:13). According to II Chron. 7:14 ‘repentance’ is “turning from ... wicked ways.” It is a step beyond the confession of sins. It is the evidence of true confession. Repentance is returning to the good that was left behind or staying away from the evil one had previously been engaged in. (This is what God requires of all who would become His children), King Hezekiah gathered both Israel and Judah to renew their covenant of the Passover with God by confessing and forsaking their sins and those of their forefathers (II Chron.30:6-9). Those who obeyed had their lands healed.


1. How will you describe sincere confession and repentance, II Chron.30:13-14; see also Ezra 10:10-12; Act 19:18-20? What constitutes true repentance by God’s people?

2. Read Neh. 1:4 -11; 9:1-4.

i) Why did the people in these passages confess their sins and even those of their fathers, Exod. 20:5, 6; Prov. 28:13; Psa. 32:5; I John 1:9?

ii) What did they do alongside confession and repentance from sins (to show their seriousness and desire for a positive divine response)? See also Ezra 10:1, 14.

3. i) What attributes of God assure the truly penitent of forgiveness? II Chron. 30:9b; Joel 2:13; I John 1:9.

ii) What results were the people of God to expect after genuine confession and repentance? II Chron. 30:9, 10; Isa 57:15.

4. What makes confession and repentance not to work? II Chron. 30:13-16; Joel 2:13.


Our land needs leaders with a broken and contrite heart, who accept and take responsibility for their sins, ready to forsake their evil ways and who equally commit their followers to do such so as to obtain God’s mercy and healing for their land. Genuine turning away from old and sinful ways has always been God’s requirement for a people to receiving God’s Healing for their land.


Fake confession will not earn any people anything from God.

MEMORY VERSE: Psalm 32:5.

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