Sunday before Advent

November 25, 2018.

SUB THEME: Benefits of a life that pleases God.

TOPIC: Peace and joy in The Holy Ghost.

TEXT: Romans 14: 14-20.


i) To grasp the biblical concepts of peace and joy in the Holy Ghost;

ii) To find out the things that make for joy and peace;

iii) To understand that there can be no true peace and joy in a life that is not yielded to the Holy Spirit.


Peace is a condition or sense of harmony, wellbeing and prosperity (Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary). It is a state of tranquillity, serenity or inner contentment. Joy, on the other hand, is a deep feeling or state of great delight, happiness or contentment. “Peace and joy in the Holy Ghost” is an expression which defines a pleasant, desirable and blissful state of being that is activated, enhanced and sustained in a life inhabited and ruled by the Holy Spirit. In other words, true peace and joy are the hallmark of a life that is pleasing to God. Note that both are fruits of the Holy Spirit.


1. a. Explain in your own words the expression “Peace and joy in the Holy Ghost”. Rom. 14: 17.

b. How would you differentiate the peace and joy in the Holy Ghost from that which the world offers?

2. Who is the Chief Source of these qualities, and what are the conditions for to access and enjoy them?Neh.8:10; John 14:27; Rom. 14: 17; Gal. 5: 22; Col. 3:15.

3. In what sense can we describe peace and joy as benefits of a life that pleases God?Matt. 6: 25-33; Rom. 14: 17; Gal. 5: 22, 1 Pet. 1: 8.

4. Why do peace and joy elude many even when they would very much love to enjoy them? Isa. 48:22; Rom.5:1; Phil.4:7.


Peace and joy in the Holy Ghost mean a great deal to every child of God. Any religious inclination which does not guarantee these blessings would be aptly described as fake. It is equally worthy of note that the Holy Spirit is the One who ultimately dispenses and sustains them in the lives of God’s children.


Life without Christ-the Prince of peace-ultimately ends in crises and in a Christless grave.

MEMORY VERSE: Rom. 14:17.

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