Epiphany 1

Study 2/2 January 13


TOPIC: Types/Styles of leadership.

TEXT: Ezek. 34: 1-6; John 10: 1-16.


i. identify the various types / styles of leadership;

ii. stimulate the desire for appropriate style of leadership;

iii. warn against the impending danger of ungodly leadership styles.


Among Christians and political leaders, there are shepherds and hirelings. These may be recognized by their type /style of leadership. The shepherds keeps the flocks safe hirelings prey on the flock while the shepherds keep the flock safe, lead and guide them on their journey of life, while the hirelings prey on the flock. The personality, environment, and understanding of a leader contribute greatly to his/her leadership style/type.


1. From Dan. 3: 4-6; Matt.4:18, 19; Acts 15:6-21; Philemon 14, 21; identify some types/styles of leadership.

2. Define and discuss the following leadership types / styles (relate to the key texts as far as possible)

i. Autocratic leadership – Dan.3:4-6; 1 Peter 5:3;

ii. Democratic leadership – Acts 15:6-7, 12-14;

iii. Transformational leadership – Mark 3:14; Phil.2:20-23;

iv. Team leadership – 1 Sam. 30:1-17.

v. Laisser-faire leadership – I Kings 20:39-40;

vi. Spiritual leadership – Rom.8:14; Num.27:1-7.

vii. Servant leadership – Mk.10:42-45; John 13:3-15.

3. What leadership style/type do you think the Scripture advocates for the Church? Mk.10:42-45; John 13:3-15. How much of it do you find in the Church today? Why?

4. What are some likely dangers of ungodly leadership type and style? Ezek.34:1-2, 7- 10.


Christians who occupy leadership positions as politicians or disciplers must uphold the tenets of spiritual leadership at all times because all authority comes from God.


The leadership style adopted may make or mar a godly leader.

MEMORY VERSE: Ezek. 34: 2b.

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