8th Sunday in Trinity

July 29, 2018.

SUB-THEME/4: Personal Attributes that displease God.

TOPIC: Walking by the flesh.


Rom.8:5-14; Gal.5:16-21.


i) To understand what it means to walk by the flesh;

ii) To grasp the implications of walking by the flesh; and

iii) To have the right alternative to walking by the flesh.


The word of God states clearly that without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb.11:6). To walk by the flesh is to walk by sight contrary to the position of the Scripture that ‘we walk by faith’ (Hab.2:4). It also implies being ‘carnally minded’ which, unfortunately, leads to death! (Rom. 8:6a). Walking by the flesh is being controlled by the senses and contrary toGod’s injunction to Christians that they be led by His Spirit. It is therefore obviously why God is not pleased with a lifestyle that is given to the flesh. If we want Him to be pleased with us, then we must study His Word and allow Him transform us.


1. Explain the meaning of a Christian “walking by the flesh”?

2. From the two key texts above, list some of the attributes of a life by the flesh. Discuss examples found in your congregation.

3. What are some implications of a life that is lived by the flesh? Note especially Rom.8:5-6, 8, 13; Gal.5:17, 19-21; 6:8; Heb.11:6.

4. Discuss how a Christian should rather live from Rom.1:17; 8:6b; 13:14; 2 Cor. 4:18; 5:7; Gal.5:16.


To live by the flesh is to imprison oneself, and this displeases God. But more than that, it is like a man shooting his own foot. It is to allow oneself to be blindfolded by natural reason, physical senses, human pleasure, and artificial and momentary happiness. But there is something more worthwhile than these: a lifelived by the Spirit and a walk by faith.


To live by the flesh is to place a limitation on one’s life.


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