Sunday after Ascension

May 20, 2018.

SUB-THEME/3: Personal attributes that please God.

TOPIC: Exposing and destroying satanic kingdom.

TEXTS: Acts 8:4-24; 16:16-18.


i. to recognise the schemes of the Devil;

ii. to learn the various ways of exposing satanic devices;

iii. to learn how to effectively destroy demonic strongholds.


The two texts show related activities of Satan. Observe that in Acts 16, the girl’s utterances were true and may have made the undiscerning to appoint her as head of the Prayer or Deliverance team. Satan’s work was exposed and terminated in the girl’s life. In the second text, Acts 8, Satan’s presence was also detected and dealt with. Genesis 3:1 tells us one trait of Satan to note; Peter exposed the devil (Acts 8:18-23) and the devil submitted to the supreme power of God (Acts 8:24).


1. Explain the difference between the children of God and agents of Satan in the text. How will these scriptures help you recognise satanic agents/presence: Acts 8:18-19; John 10:10; Rom. 8:9; II Cor.3:17; I John 2:22; 2 John 1:7

2. How was the kingdom of Satan exposed and destroyed in the following passages?Acts 5:1-3 & 9-11; 13:8-12; 16:16-18

3. a. How best can Christians expose satanic presence and what precaution do we need? Add I Peter 5:6-9.

b. Read Acts 19:13-20 and explain the outcome of exposing and destroying the kingdom of Satan (vs.17-20).

4. How can Christians combat the works of Satan in the contemporary world? Acts 13:9-10: Eph.6:16-18.


As children of God, we need the Spirit of discernment to be able to recognise and expose the devil or his agents whenever they are operating or manifesting around us. We have been enlisted into Christ’s army to fight the Devil to a stop; no going back, no giving up, no getting tired. Fight on dear soldier of the Cross!


A satan doesn’t give up we should resist him until we win.

MEMORY VERSE: Eph. 5:11.

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