Principle of God’s covenant on Marriage- One wife one husband

STUDY 36        
14th Sunday after Trinity        
September 5, 2021
SUB-THEME 6: Marriage and Covenant with the living God (3)
TOPIC: Principle of God’s covenant on Marriage- One wife one husband
TEXT: Gen 2:18-25; 

i.    to teach the fundamental basis for one husband, one wife and
ii.    to present reasons for diverse marriages and possible challenges. 

INTRODUCTION:  Adam named all the animals but there was none found compatible to him. God decided to fashion a woman of the rib taken out of Adam, to be a suitable helpmate for him. Every marriage relationship today models the first God instituted between Adam and Eve. As we go through this study, we shall see why people prefer to have more than one wife or more than one husband.

1.    What is the fundamental basis for marriage? How many people were involved in this fundamental principle? Gen 2:21-23 and 
2.    Mention some of the reasons for polygamy or polygyny and their possible challenges- Gen 16:2-3; 29:25-28; 2Sam 11:2-4.
3.    From the Bible passage, why did Adam refuse to take any of the animals, for example, the beautiful Zebra to be his wife? Gen 2:20
4.    In your opinion, why do you think one man, one wife is the best or ideal form of marriage?

CONCLUSION: God foresaw the aberration that would befall human marriage and so He declared it to be on the mathematical principle of 1+1=1. God had foreseen the dangers of polygamy and other forms of marriage other than monogamy. As Christians, the more we follow God’s principle of 1=1+1, the more we will realize the conjugal bliss of God’s form of marriage in human society.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The Mathematical principle of God for successful marriage is 1+1=1 and not 1+2=1 or 1+2,3,4,5…=1

MEMORY VERSE: Gen 2:24 “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh”.