Marriage from the Christian perspective

STUDY 35        
13th Sunday after Trinity        
August 29, 2021
SUB-THEME 6: Marriage and Covenant with the living God (2)
TOPIC: Marriage from the Christian perspective
TEXT: 1Cor 7:1-16; Heb 13:4

i.    to teach the biblical injunctions for a Christian marriage and
ii.    to further expound on the fundamental principles for peaceful marriage.

INTRODUCTION: The difference between Christian living and secular living lies the values or virtues that guide each life. There are many attitudes that can and are permitted in a secular marital home which Christianity and godliness does not allow because of the negative impact these will have on the society. What are these attitudes and how can fundamental Christian principles create a peaceful atmosphere for a Christian marriage?


1.    From the text today, what is the basis for Christian marriage?  1Cor 7:2; Compare Gen 2:19, 22-24.
2.    According to 1Cor 7:3-5, both husband and wife should render to themselves the affection due to each other. How do you understand this and how the failure to perform conjugal responsibilities has caused marital chaos and destabilization? 
3.    What are the causes of divorce in our contemporary society and how can Christians overcome these challenges? Discuss in the light of Matt 19:9; 1Cor 7:10-16.
4.    Discuss some of the factors that can enhance peaceful marriage.

CONCLUSION: Our contented lives as Christians should be extended to our marital lives so that the world around us will see our chastity and follow our godly lives.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Christian marriage is based on godly principles and secular marriage is based on carnal principles.

MEMORY VERSE: Heb 13;4 “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.”