Training of Children

3rd Sunday after Easter 
April 25,2021
SUB-THEME 3: God’s covenant with man-(10)
TOPIC: Training of Children
TEXTS: Gen. 18: 17-19; Deut.11: 18-25

i. to expose the commands of God to parents to teach their children,
ii. to further show on the failure of some parents in contemporary time in the God-given
assignment and
iii. to see the blessings connected to the covenant.

INTRODUCTION: Children are a blessing from God as part of His covenant plan (Ps. 128: 3)
Parenting involves a process of “making disciples” of one’s children by teaching obedience not
just to bring them into parental authority but also to bring them into salvation and spiritual
discipleship (Heb. 12: 11). Training children involves systematic instruction and drilling of their
minds and character to produce self-control and acceptable level of good conduct at all times.

1. How do you understand parental training as a vital covenant for the procreation of
children? Gen. 17: 7-9; 18: 17-19; Deut. 11: 18-23; Ps. 127: 3-5; Prov. 22: 6
2. In what ways in contemporary times have we fallen short of training children according
to God’s injunction and why? Deut. 1:17; 1Sam 2:22-25; 1Ki 22:8; Prov. 5:12; 10:17
3. How can teaching, discussion with scriptural backing, application of discipline when
necessary, prayer and practice under supervision be a remedy to the current bane of our
society? Prov. 22: 6, 15; Eph. 6: 4; 2Ti 3:15; Heb. 12: 9-11;
4. What are the blessings of godly parenting? Deut. 11:18-25.

CONCLUSION: Leaving a child to go the way he wants will lead him/her to destruction.
Therefore, Christian parenting requires training by the parent’s example with sound instruction
in the faith for the spiritual growth of children and the development of the church.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Failure to train children in the godly path will produce a violent

MEMORY VERSE: Prov. 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old
he will not depart from it.”