Davidic Covenant

1st Sunday after Easter 
April 11,2021
SUB-THEME 3: God’s covenant with man-(8)
TOPIC: Davidic Covenant
TEXTS: 2 Sam. 7: 8-17; 23: 1, 5; Isaiah 55:3

i. to teach the purpose of God for the Davidic covenant
ii. to know what the Davidic Covenant entails and
iii. the relevance of this covenant to our generation.

INTRODUCTION: An everlasting covenant was made between God and David in which David
and his descendants were established as the royal heirs to the throne of the nation of Israel (2
Sam. 7: 15-16). The promise of an eternal throne to David’s line was a major factor in
developing the hope of a Messiah among the people of Israel. Israel’s expectation in the
covenant reached its highest fulfillment when Jesus the Messiah, a descendant of the line of
David, was born in Bethlehem about a thousand years after God had made this promise to David
the king (Matt. 1: 1). The question is: is the Davidic covenant still relevant to our generation? If
yes, why?

1. Explain your understanding of the Davidic Covenant and how do the texts give credence
to your understanding?
2. What motivated God to establish the Davidic Covenant? 1 Sam. 13: 13-14; 15:23,26,28;
16:1,13; Matt. 1: 1.
3. What lessons can we learn from the above (Study guide 3) with respect to our different
callings as Christians?
4. What is the basis for the relevance of the Davidic Covenant to our generation? Ps. 89: 3-4;
Matt 1:1; Lu 1:32-33; Rev. 22: 16.

CONCLUSION: The greatness and honor of David’s name was based on the fulfillment of the
Covenant through Christ Jesus (Matt 21:9). Therefore, make yourself great here on earth and in
heaven by having faith in Jesus Christ, King of kings and LORD of lords.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If David’s greatness was based on the fulfillment of the Covenant
through Christ Jesus, what is the basis for your faith?

MEMORY VERSES: Psalm 89: 3-4 “I have made a covenant with My chosen, I have sworn to
My servant David: Your seed I will establish forever and build up your throne to all