The name of Jesus Christ (1)


3rdSunday in Advent                                                                                            
December 13, 2020


SUB-THEME:           The Basis of Importance

TOPIC:                      The name of Jesus Christ (1)

TEXTS:                     Philippians. 2:5-12.


to show the reason for the importance in the name Jesus Christ and
to teach the importance of humility to  Christians.

INTRODUCTION: Christianity embedded in humility and the fear of the Lord; that is, walking humbly with God. Our Lord Jesus Christ reverence God's majesty and authority in submitting with all humility to the commands of God and the disposals of his providence by coming to the world to die for the redemption of mankind.

WE must have such low thoughts of ourselves and so behave humbly towards God and man. Where the fear of God is there will be humility. The result is -riches, and honour, and comfort, and long life, in this world, as far as God sees good, at least spiritual riches and honour in the favour of God, Prov. 22:4.  Christ humbled himself. It was a voluntary humiliation on His part and for this reason He made himself a supreme example of renunciation.


From Phil 2:5-8, show the basis or reason for the importance attached to the name “Jesus Christ”.
How can Christians show through their lives the humility of Christ? Micah 6:8; Luke 14:10; Luke 22:26; Romans 12:3.
What are the benefits of humility? Prov. 22:4; 29:23; Isa 57:15; Phil 2:9-11; James 4:10.
How do some Christians today fail to be humble before God? Matt 6:1, 16; Luke 18:11-12.

CONCLUSION: The Humility of Christ through His obedience unto death on the cross is an evidence of His coming all the way down to the most despised death of all.  He became a condemned criminal on the accursed cross. (Phil 2:5-12). This therefore serves as the basis for His exaltation above all other Principalities in heaven and on earth.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:    Can an earthly king take like Jesus the position of a servant and a condemned criminal?

MEMORY VERSE: James 4:10 “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up”.