Power over Death


Sunday before Advent                                                                                         
November 22, 2020


SUB-THEME 7:        The power of Jesus Christ (7)

TOPIC:                      Power over Death

TEXTS:                     John 11:21-44


to show the power of Jesus Christ over death while He was in the world,
to show that life in Christ as that of victory over second death and
to show that only life in the Lord Jesus Christ can give mankind victory over death .

INTRODUCTION: Before performing the miracle of raising Lazarus from the dead, Christ made the grand and striking declaration that He is the RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE, (words that never could have fallen from the lips of a sane mortal). His resurrection burst the tomb and through Him humanity has won the victory over death. God alone is the Author of victory over death, and the grave. God formed the plan and executed it through the gift of His Son. He has given us that victory personally.


From today’s Text (John 11:21-44), how can you show that Jesus Christ has power over death? Matt 28:1-6; Luke 7:11-16.
Discuss some attempts to disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Matt 28:11-15. Have these been successful? Rom 6:8-9; 1Cor 15:3-8.
Do you believe that life in Jesus Christ is the only path of victory over second death? John 5:28-29; Rom 6:23; 1Cor 15:21-22; Rev 20:4-6.
What is the fate of those who do not accept Jesus as Lord and saviour? John 3:36; Phil 3:18-19; Rev 20:12-15.

CONCLUSION: Jesus as the Resurrection and the life means that; the life which proceeds from Him is the life that endows men with eternity and that Jesus possesses the power which opens every grave, gives life to the sleepers, and calls them forth into new life.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Only Jesus who conquered death can give life.

MEMORY VERSE: Romans 6:9 “knowing that Christ, being raised from the dead, dies no more. Death no more has dominion over him!”