TOPIC: His Passion and Agony

6th Sunday in Lent (Palm Sunday)
April 5 2020


SUB-THEME:           The Humanity of Christ (6)

TEXT:                        Matthew  27:27-49

AIM: To acquaint us with our Lord’s passion and agony for man’s sake


INTRODUCTION: Today, being Palm Sunday, we focus attention on the passion and agony of Christ. The historical record and the reality of Jesus’ passion from Gethsemane to the Cross where He was crucified remain concrete fact that He actually suffered in the flesh. His suffering was never taken over by any celestial being but by Himself. A careful study of the agony and passion of Christ will help us appreciate His humanity the more.



  1. What do these two words – “Passion” and “Agony” mean to you?
  2. Discuss the passion and agony of Christ from the following passages: Matthew 26:47-56; Mark 15:16-25, 33-37; Luke 22:39-44
  3. How did Jesus handle His agony and passion, and how can we similarly handle ours when we experience them? Luke 23:33-34; Heb. 12:2


CONCLUSION: Jesus endured the Cross; bore the pains and agony in order to save mankind. He died for sins He did not commit. Let us not crucify Him a second time by living wayward and offensive lives. Moreover, Christ submitted fully to the will of God in His passion and agony through prayerful dependence, and the result was a resounding victory on the cross. We must learn from this example in our hour of trial to guarantee our victory as well.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Total submission guarantees absolute victory in the hour of trial


MEMORY VERSE: Luke 22:44And being in agony, He prayed more earnestly. Then His sweat became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground”.