The Value of a Father's watch.

Text: Jn 7:30.

Introduction: Thanks be to God for another day. One of the roles of an earthly father is to watch, defend and shield the seed from his loins. In this his role he may fail at one time or the other not because he wants, but because he doesn't have the capability and capacity as a mortal being. But not with your heavenly father.

The text, Jn 7:30 bring to our knowledge that the Jews sought to kill him but His father watched over him. Why? His hour has not come. Why? That He will fulfill His purpose.

I declare upon you this day, the Lord will watch over you as you fulfill your destiny in Jesus name.

I declare upon you, no mortal man will  pull you down from the level where God have located you.

They may not like your face and stature, but if God loves you they are inconsequential. I declare upon you, the Eye of God will watch over you and you will be called Blessed by all.

I declare upon you, the Lord who watched over David when Saul sought to kill him, may He watch over you in Jesus name.

The Lord bless you and your family.

From your brother and friend

Ven. Dr. Louis Ochei