SERMON EXCERPT - Sunday 21st April 2024
SERMON EXCERPT: Sunday 21st April 2024
THEME: Power of Steadfastness & Faithfulness 3
TOPIC: Fulfilment of God's Purpose Above Sinful Desires
TEXT: Daniel 11:32
PREACHER: Ven. (Dr) Louis Ochei

There is no greater purpose to live for than God's purpose in your life. When you live out God's purpose, He will ensure that your location does not lack allocation.

Let God lead you; let God fulfil His purpose in your life.

Who and what can God use to fulfil His purpose in your life?

1) God can use an animal to fulfil his purpose in your life - Numbers 22:21-34
Do not allow your personal or physical experience to determine how you follow your God.

2) God can use any human to fulfil His purpose. Joshua 2:1, the case of Rahab, the harlot.

3) Luke 7:37: God can use any means to fulfil his purpose in man's life.

Allow God to fulfil His purpose in your life; don't stand in His way.