SERMON EXCERPT: Sunday 7th April 2024

TOPIC: Overcoming distractions

TEXT: Genesis 39:9-12

PREACHER: Ven. Emeka Anyaorah

What is distraction?

Distraction is anything that prevents you from concentrating. It diverts your attention from your focus. As Christians, distraction is anything that pulls our attention from God.

Distraction does a lot of things to us:

1. Distraction takes your attention away from your goal, purpose, etc

2. Distraction hinders your progress

3. Distraction hinders your productivity

4. Distraction ruins relationships

5. Distraction causes failures.

Your ability to overcome distractions determines how successful you become in life. Distractions could be your phone, social media, etc. 

How to overcome distraction.

1. Identify your distraction: You have to identify what distracts you so you can deal with it/them. You can fail in life, lose a job, or fail an examination if you don’t identify and deal with your distractions. Deal with your distraction, or else it will deal with you. 

2. Resist your distraction: Don’t give in to your distraction. Put up a fight with your distraction to win. James 4:7, Proverbs 1:10-19.

3. Flee from your distraction: To flee means to run from a situation of danger. We can see this in the case of Joseph, who fled from Potiphar’s wife. To overcome your distraction, you need to flee. 1 Corinthians 18:26. Declare war against your distraction to be successful!!

Prayer Points

1. Lord, whatever is a distraction to my life, help me to overcome it. 

2. Oh Lord, my Father, give me the grace to resist/overcome obstacles to my testimony. 

3. Luke 24:8: Oh God, my Father, help me remember your word in the time of difficulty and joy.