SERMON EXCERPT - 17th March 2024

SERMON EXCERPT: Sunday 17th March 2024

TOPIC: Steadfastness & Faithfulness to our Marriage & Family

TEXT: Ephesians 5:21-26

PREACHER: Ven. Dr. Louis Ochei

According to Bob Fit, “But for God, Marriage is the best formula for disaster”.

Why is this so?

1) The devil will always be in opposition to anything God has planned to be. John 10:10

2) Because we are wired differently:

A woman is wired for the process while a man is wired for the result.

For example, in the equation, 2+2=4.*

A woman is concerned at how 2+2 becomes 4 (showing the workings), while a man is focused on the result (4), bothering less about the process.

3) Because the wrong manual is used:

Until there is a full application of the manual, there will be a disaster. 

The solution in marriage is not necessarily prayer but knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

Conflict is a necessity for marriage. It is in conflict that you know yourselves.

Steadfastness & Faithfulness will keep driving a man to succeed; Give it your all.

How will Steadfastness & Faithfulness guarantee success in marriage?

1) Work together in decision and spirituality

2) Work together assiduously for your marriage and family. Amos 3:3

It is not the duty of the woman to call for family devotion. Gen 18:19. The spiritual responsibility of the home is on the man. It is an aberration when the woman is the one leading the family to the altar. 


1. Oh God my father, May I not be an instrument of destruction to my family

2. Oh God my father, any play or strategy by the enemy to separate my family shall not stand.

3. May the Light of God shine on every disagreement in my family

4. Every plan of jealousy/hatred is cancelled in Jesus' name.