SERMON EXCERPT - 3rd December 2023


DATE: 3rd December 2023

TOPIC: Harvest of unhindered Praise & Thanksgiving

TEXT: Isaiah 43:21

PREACHER: Rev. Obinna

Praise & Thanksgiving is a way to preserve God's goodness and mercy over your life. When you praise God, you provoke God to action.

The harvest season never ceases - Genesis 8:22. Remember that God is the God of harvest, so seasons of harvest will never end.

There is no harvest without planting. The time of planting is hard; it is a time of sacrifice. Planting can also mean a process of sacrifice. Planting a seed that will bring a harvest is sacrifice.

God's design for harvest is SACRIFICE, which he exemplified by giving his only begotten son to save the world. John 3:16.

What do you sacrifice?

1) Offering of our life as a sacrifice - Romans 12:1

A sacrifice of reasonable service is a sacrifice of holiness.

2) Sacrifice of good relationships with people

Be genuine. When you serve men, God will service you.

3) Sacrifice of Giving - Luke 6:38

Giving to God what He has given to you through the revelation of thanksgiving for who He is and not because of what you want him to do for you.

What do you give to God?

Your resources - life, time, position, money etc -Proverbs 3: 9 -10

When you honour God with your substance, God will pay the bills for your life. Isaiah 1:19, Isaiah 55:8

When God rises for you, your enemies will tremble.