SERMON EXCERPT - Sunday 3rd September, 2023

DATE: 3rd September 2023
TOPIC: The Ancient Path
TEXT: Judges 2:8 - 14
PREACHER: Ven. Emeka Anyaorah

In the time of Joshua, the people knew and served the Lord.
They saw all the great things that the Lord had done for Israel. However, a generation arose that did not know God, did not serve God and did not know what great things God had done for Israel. What could have been responsible for this loss in generational knowledge and service to God?

What causes this loss?
The failure of parents to teach their children the ways and the Word of God (Deut 6: 1 - 9). Parents today are engrossed in the cares of this word, having no time for God and no time to share the knowledge of God with their children.
The failure of parents to share their history with their children.
The failure of parents to instil moral and spiritual discipline in their children
The nonchalant attitude of the children towards the things of God (Romans 1:18)

The creations of God calleth unto all the existence of God. All that God has made speaks to the reality of God even without being told.

A man's heart is configured in such a way that it must worship, either you worship God, man, money, job, satan, or something else. This makes some individuals attend church to fulfil all righteousness but have no relationship with God.

When a generation turns away from God, they turn to the devil. A generation will emerge that knows no God. The way out is to identify the problem (Jeremiah 6:16)

What is the way out of the quagmire?
The way out of this quagmire is to stand at the crossroad, ask for the ancient path and walk in it. We cannot find rest for our souls unless we return to the ancient path; Except we return to the ancient path, we cannot be partakers of the harvest of unhindered praise and thanksgiving.

In conclusion, parents desist from your failings, and as for the young people, turn back to the Lord (Isaiah 1:10 - 20).