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Topic: The Widow's mite

Wed 07th-Sep-2016

Date: 28th August, 2016

Preacher: Ven Samuel Akale

Text: Hosea 14:4-7

We have been looking at Bible characters both men and women, today we will be preaching about a woman whose name was not given to us. Firstly let me remind you of some women we have dealt with in the past.

1. Ruth: you cannot write the genealogy of Jesus without mentioning her name. She was a woman who saw beyond what her mate (Orpah) and her mother in law could see. While others were giving up by the road side, she never gave up. She saw herself as the grandmother of Jesus. May God open your eyes to see ahead of time because when you do, you will not be shaken. Some of us are so myopia to see beyond our noses and we make noise like Orpah.

2. Jochebed: the mother of Moses, num 26:59, Moses was under her tutelage and she kept reminding him that he wasn't an Egyptian. She trained him with the word of God and he knew his identity. Many Christians have lost their identity, no matter the trials or enjoyment, know your roots.

Today's topic which says, the widow's mite, which means "giving your all". This woman whose name was not mention, gave her all without anybody knowing and waited patiently on God, and she reaped abundantly. Our problem is that we are in a hurry to receive when we give God. I pray that as we gave our all and wait patiently, we will receive bountifully.

Today, been our first born and first fruits harvest, and our theme for harvest this year is "Harvest of blossoming"...Hosea 14:5. A brief history of Hosea, he was one of the minor prophets who spoke to the people without fear. He reigned in the northern part of Israel when they were experiencing hardship and idolatry. God told him to marry a harlot named Gomer... Hosea 1:2-3. In chapter 14,as bad as the situation was in Israel, God was still calling for repentance and in verse 4 he said..."i will heal their waywardness and love them freely, for my anger has turned away from them". May the anger of God turn away from you. Verse 5b said... "he shall grow and blossom like the lily". What does it mean to blossom? It means to flourish, shine and brighten up. If you return to God, you will ooze out pleasant fragrance, when you pass by, men will run after you, when you sit down, men will come close to you. As we repent, God will make our lives blossom.

First fruits is all about appreciating God with the first product from our labor and God has given us instructions about it in Exodus 23 and Leviticus 23. The instructions are:

1. Bring your harvest to God through the priest.

2. It must be done by all.

3. Bring it joyfully.

The benefits are:

1. You will enjoy comprehensive insurance... Jer 2:3

2. You will enjoy double portion of blessings... Isaiah 61:7

3. Favour will follow you... Neh 13:31

4. Honor will overflow in your home.

5. Glory of God will over shadow you.

6. Blessings will be in your home and extend to your children... Ezekiel 44:30

Because God wants us to succeed,he put the principle of first fruits in place because it works.

For all first borns, they are meant to enjoy double portion.

b) They are meant to enjoy prophetic mantle.

c) there is also a priestly mantle upon their heads.

d) first borns have dignity because their parents are addressed by their names.

e) finally,they are kings, they have the mantle of leadership.

All first borns are suppose to be mighty, strong and excellent children but because the devil knows this, he comes to manipulate them. I declare that every manipulation by the devil on every first born is annulled in Jesus name.

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