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16th December 2018 will be a Combine Service starting by 8:00 am.

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Days Activity Time
Sun Boys & Girl Brigade Practice 4.00PM
Youth Fellowship 4.00PM
EFAC Meeting 6.00PM
Mon Bible Study 6.00PM
Tue Choir Practice 7.00PM
Wed Mid Week Service 6.00PM
Fri Women Prayer Meeting 6.00PM
Sat Men's Fellowship Practice/Gym 07:00AM
Deliverance and Healing Unit Meeting 12:00PM
Boys and Girl Brigade Practice 4.00PM
Choir Practice 6.00PM
Preview For bible study teacher 6.00PM

Beware of the Words You Use

Thu 14th-Jul-2016

Before you speak, check to make sure you’re not hurting anyone’s feelings or treading on rough territory.

Beware of the Words You Use

Everyone has heard of the saying – sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. We teach this clever comeback to our children in hopes of boosting their confidence and eliminating any bullying. But, the truth is you should beware of the words you use because in reality the reality is not always apparent. Before you speak, check to make sure you’re not hurting anyone’s feelings or treading on rough territory.

Weight and Physical Appearance

Always be sensitive to others when discussing weight and/or physical appearances. It’s safe to say that no one is walking around with a medical record tattooed on their body, so making a preconceived notion about someone’s weight or physical state is a slippery slope and very insensitive. People struggle with weight issues due to hereditary issues and/or medical reasoning. Never give advice to anyone unless you are aware of their medical history and you know the individual’s background.

Culture and Religion

Unfortunately, every culture and religion has stigmatic names that are attached to them. Be careful that you are always sensitive to the beliefs of others. Never assume that using a certain phrase or title is okay, even if you’re connected to the same culture and religion. Everyone has a history and was raised with different elements – be conscious that the world is a melting pot.

Culture and Religion


Cursing and using other vulgar language should be absent from all conversations. It should never be assumed that a profane or inappropriate word is okay to be used. Be sensitive to others as profanity and vulgarity is offensive to their individual being and possibly to their culture and/or religious upbringing. Use the rating rule – if it’s not rated PG, you should probably abstain from that vernacular.

Social Cliques and Statue

Sometimes people do not realize that their everyday language includes vernacular from various cliques they have associated with and/or their social statue. Always conduct yourself in a manner where you do not judge others and are not submitting yourself to be evaluated as less than. Conduct yourself with an acceptable amount of couth and detour from using a language that will group you into an unfit category.

The Lord’s Name

Never ever use the Lord’s name in vain. Always remember that he sacrificed his life for you and using his name in a derogatory manner is not showing appreciation for that sacrifice. There are no exceptions for this rule as inappropriately using his name is an utmost disgrace and will present you as ignorant to others.

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(2) Baptismal Preparatory Class Holds every last two Friday by 5:00pm
(3)The Eagle Computer Center is offering a special training course on the following Applications, Website Design, how to print Recharge Cards, Hardware Maintenance,Corel Draw, Page Maker, Oracle, SQL, Networking etc.
(4) Youth Fellowship hold every Friday @ 6:00PM new members are welcome.
(5)Bible Study Teachers are to meet on every Tuesday @ 6: 00 pm,please those who are interested to join the preparatory class are welcome.