Service next Sunday

16th December 2018 will be a Combine Service starting by 8:00 am.

Weekly Activities

Days Activity Time
Sun Boys & Girl Brigade Practice 4.00PM
Youth Fellowship 4.00PM
EFAC Meeting 6.00PM
Mon Bible Study 6.00PM
Tue Choir Practice 7.00PM
Wed Mid Week Service 6.00PM
Fri Women Prayer Meeting 6.00PM
Sat Men's Fellowship Practice/Gym 07:00AM
Deliverance and Healing Unit Meeting 12:00PM
Boys and Girl Brigade Practice 4.00PM
Choir Practice 6.00PM
Preview For bible study teacher 6.00PM


Mon 01st-Jan-2018

1.) Beware when prayer becomes a difficult thing for you.

2.) Beware when fasting is becoming a history in your spiritual time-table

3.) Beware when you longer enjoy reading the word of God.

4.) Beware when attending church programme is becoming a burden rather than a blessing for you.

5.) Beware when living a life of holiness is appearing like extremism.

6.) Beware when sinful living becomes a lifestyle in the name of grace.

7.) Beware when you crave for earthly things rather than the things of God.

8.) Beware when waking up in the night to pray is becoming a thing of the past.

9.) Beware brethren when your heart no longer desires to see the Lord Jesus one day.

10.) Beware when you eat more physical food than you eat spiritual food (i.e the Word of God).

11.) Beware when you no longer share the word with others.

12.) Beware when you start diluting the preaching of the word of God to keep people around you or suit your belief system or evil thought.

13.) Beware when you spend more time on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and internet. These things become idols and take the place of God.

14.) Beware when you love or choose worldly or ungodly gathering over the spiritual gathering. Prepare, Jesus is coming soon to take those who are eagerly waiting for him

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Church Notice

(1)For any Deposit To the Church Account, You can use these Numbers: 2003509285 -First Bank; 3291000916 -Eco Bank; 1002368790 Keystone and 1015383188 Zenith Bank (Please Kindly bring the teller to the church after any Payment, for proper accountability).
(2) Baptismal Preparatory Class Holds every last two Friday by 5:00pm
(3)The Eagle Computer Center is offering a special training course on the following Applications, Website Design, how to print Recharge Cards, Hardware Maintenance,Corel Draw, Page Maker, Oracle, SQL, Networking etc.
(4) Youth Fellowship hold every Friday @ 6:00PM new members are welcome.
(5)Bible Study Teachers are to meet on every Tuesday @ 6: 00 pm,please those who are interested to join the preparatory class are welcome.