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16th December 2018 will be a Combine Service starting by 8:00 am.

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Days Activity Time
Sun Boys & Girl Brigade Practice 4.00PM
Youth Fellowship 4.00PM
EFAC Meeting 6.00PM
Mon Bible Study 6.00PM
Tue Choir Practice 7.00PM
Wed Mid Week Service 6.00PM
Fri Women Prayer Meeting 6.00PM
Sat Men's Fellowship Practice/Gym 07:00AM
Deliverance and Healing Unit Meeting 12:00PM
Boys and Girl Brigade Practice 4.00PM
Choir Practice 6.00PM
Preview For bible study teacher 6.00PM

My Year of Greater Opportunity

Fri 17th-Mar-2017

Luke 5:1-11


Opportunity is a favourable circumstance that is good for progress. So greater opportunity is ample chance for progress. In such a situation difficult challenges will only showcase your strength and your weakness will be covered by the Lord. And God will arrange helpers on your path.

Such was the case with Peter in the narrative of Luke 5:1-11. The Messiah who was born in Bethlehem, live in Nazareth but when it was time to manifest he came to carpernauim Peter’s village. And incidentally he started Ministry by the Lake of Galilee.

That for Peter was an appointment with Destiny- Jesus chose Peter’s boat of the two or more at the bank that morning. And since God does not exploit or waste anything placed at his disposal. Peter's time and boat at service of the Lord was rewarded graciously. Though Peter had toil all night and had failed woefully. He did not give up as he still prepared and made himself ready for the next assignment. For all things work together for good to those who fit into God's plan (Rom 8:28) God's plan is bigger and better than everything that you or anyone can put together for youself.

The greater opportunity manifested when Peter inspite of his experience heard and obeyed the instruction of Jesus Christ. Peter heard what others did not hear. Some people have ears but they don’t hear especially hearing the Lord. As Peter obeyed he had a net breaking and boat sinking catch.

So many things changed that day. Peter’s thought changed from gloom to enthusiasm. His activity change from futility to utility. Circumstance changed, status changed, poverty gave way to abundance and an overflow. I declare unto you that 2017 is your year of greater opportunity….

You will succeed where you failed before.

Your sorrow will turn to joy. You can launch out and do something you have never done before – even that which is more challenging. You can go to where you could not go before. You will manifest the true destiny of existence and be who you are meant to be.

This is 2017 my year of greater opportunity explore it.

Ven Godwin Adeyi Robinson

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(2) Baptismal Preparatory Class Holds every last two Friday by 5:00pm
(3)The Eagle Computer Center is offering a special training course on the following Applications, Website Design, how to print Recharge Cards, Hardware Maintenance,Corel Draw, Page Maker, Oracle, SQL, Networking etc.
(4) Youth Fellowship hold every Friday @ 6:00PM new members are welcome.
(5)Bible Study Teachers are to meet on every Tuesday @ 6: 00 pm,please those who are interested to join the preparatory class are welcome.