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6 Ways to Cleanse your Soul

Mon 04th-Jul-2016

For many of us, cleaning is a part of life. We clean our bodies, our homes, and our clothes. We clean our workstations, our pets, and even our cars. It is just understood that in the course of living life things get dirty and need to be cleansed and disinfected on a regular basis. But notice how these are all external things. How many of us take time to clean out our internal state? How many regularly cleanse our souls?

You might be wondering what a soul cleanse is exactly. Well, think about it. Just like filth and grime attaches itself to the body throughout the day, negative attitudes and thoughts can attach to the soul. We absorb so much more than we even realize. We absorb the annoyed feeling of someone's Facebook status update. We absorb the anxiety of someone not responding to our text. We absorb the stress of the morning commute and the sadness of a news story. We absorb the grouchy attitude of our partner and the embarrassment from that socially awkward moment with a stranger. We might absorb the hurt of a friend blowing off plans at the last minute, or the disappointment of not getting the job. It can be anything, really. Even if we believe those experiences do not really get into us, they still get onto us from time to time. And the normal life moments that get onto us, can also stick with us after a while if we do not regularly and intentionally release them. Here are several ideas for ways to cleanse your Soul.

Social Media Detox

Remember what life was like before we collectively decided to live it out online? It seems like it was much more peaceful. Social comparison was limited to those in one's immediate circle. Now, it's nearly constant and it involves everyone you meet, both casual and close. You see everything from people's vacation pictures, hiking excursions, and family portraits, to date nights, workout videos, and even meals. All of these images seem to serve as a reminder of how everyone else is doing more awesome than you. Not only that, but you also get the privilege of witnessing open forums about religion and politics, discussion topics that were previously avoided for the sake of civility. It can become overwhelming and overtime it can wear you down. That is why it is healthy to periodically unplug. Perhaps remove the apps from your phones or smart devices for a while. Determine a set amount of time that you plan to detox from social media and then start to quiet some of the voices that had become louder than your own.

Turn Off the TV and Radio

In a similar vein as a social media detox, what if you unplugged from other media outlets as well? For many people, they immediately turn on the radio when they get in the car and turn on the TV when they get home. Sometimes you are engrossed in what is on and other times it is just background noise. What if, instead of absorbing content mindlessly, you learned to sit in silence? It does not have to be all day or even every day. Just periodically challenge yourself to be alone with your thoughts and see what emerges.


Another great way to discharge what is in your soul is through journaling. Admittedly, some people love it and some people can take it or leave it. There is value though in writing a few pages a day of free association. If you are new to journaling, just start in the morning with your waking thoughts and feelings. Maybe there are worries on your heart that can turn into prayers. Then, follow the same process before you go to sleep. Even if it is just a few sentences to recap your day or to offer gratitude for what took place, spend some time in reflection. Write out your dreams. Write out even the simplest details of an encounter that stuck with you. Make a habit of identifying and expressing what you feel. A healthy way to do that is through writing.

Get Creative

Other healthy ways to express yourself is through creative outlets. What you choose depends on what you like. For some people, gardening is therapeutic. For others, baking is their thing. Still others love visual art or perhaps even performance art, like music or dance. Whatever your thing is, just go with it. Engage your body and your senses and produce something from inside you. It not only helps you get out what is inside; your gift also blesses others.

Go Outside

Perhaps your creative project will take you outside. But even if it does not, it is still a great idea to get in nature. There is something so calming about getting fresh air and sunshine. It is almost as if the outdoors instantly slow your breathing and your heart rate and clear your mind. Plus, it can be difficult to hold onto the same worries when you focus on something larger than yourself. When you consider that the same One who created everything you see also created and cares for you, it shifts your perspective and settles your heart a bit.


A final way to cleanse your soul is through regular mindfulness practice. Mindfulness has become a popular term. It is really just the practice of being in the moment. So often, ruminating thoughts keep us stuck in the past and worry thoughts keeps us concerned the future. Mindfulness harnesses the mind and trains it to attend to the here and now. It could be as simple as focusing on your breath. It might be the use of guided imagery. It could even be fully entering into the experience of mundane tasks such as washing the dishes or folding laundry. As the saying goes, wherever you are, be all there. In doing so, you train your soul to be calm and aware what is right now, and not simply running wild in the chaos of the moment. Mind renewal does not just happen though. You must intentionally pursue it.

Honor Your Soul

It takes a new perspective to prioritize a soul cleanse the way you would any other cleanse. But just like you shower every day without even thinking about it, it is just a normal part of hygiene and grooming, think about doing the same for your soul. Honor your soul as much as your body and your belongings. Accept that emotional sludge can get in and defile it over time. It is hard to avoid. It can be remedied, however, by examining your heart and lovingly responding to what it needs. "Surely, I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with his mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me" (Psalm 131:2).

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