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Prof Jerry Gana Graces Adult Harvest of St. Andrews Anglican Church Kubwa.

Sun 08th-Nov-2015

With the theme: "Harvest of Soaring Higher" the 2015 adult harvest Thanksgiving of St. Andrews Anglican Church Kubwa took place on Sunday the 8th of November, it kicked off with praise and worship followed by the old testament reading which was taken from Psalm 107:1-24.

Then came a short presentation of a playlet by the Youth ministry of the church which focused on the idea behind harvest from the perspective of different individuals.

The speaker and special guest of honour, Prof Jerry Gana then took centre stage to speak on the theme of the harvest and it's significance in the life of a Christian.

Before we go into details of his sermon, let's take a brief moment to look at the profile of the guest speaker who is a professor of Geography.

One time lecturer at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, he was appointed chairman of Mass Mobilisation for Social and Economic Recovery, (MAMSER) by the Ibrahim Babangida regime.

He was at various times a minister for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Information and Culture, Cooperation and Integration in Africa under the Olusegun Obasanjo administration and again for Information and National Orientation.

In his sermon, Prof Gana said to soar means to rise swiftly from a particular height to the next, almost effortlessly.

He said the Eagle is a unique bird which is notorious for soaring. While describing the Eagle as a noble, majestic and powerful bird, which has been adopted by many nations including Nigeria as it's national symbol, Prof Gana went ahead to use some of the bird's characteristic to describe the life of a Christian.

First he described the Eagle as a faithful bird because it chooses a particular mate and sticks with it for life, juxtaposing this to humans, he said unfaithfulness and sexual immorality especially by married men are some of the greatest hindrances which can stop them from achieving success (soaring) in their various endeavour.

In all, he says sin is the greatest killer of the glorious destiny that God has prepared for all of his children. He also adds that faithfulness in God leads to blessings both spiritual and materially, using the lives of great men of God like Abraham, Solomon and Jacob amongst others as example.

The Eagle's home (nest) is known to be very secure and difficult to locate just as it is well defended in a secluded location, while also taking exceptional care of it's young, Prof. Gana uses this as an example of the home of a Christian, it is usually secured by God just as the head of the family should take his home very seriously, making sure that his wife and children are well taken care of.

The Eagle is a bird that operates only in the day, this is because it's near perfect Vision which covers miles ahead of it can only be effective in daylight, associating day with good and night with evil, Prof Gana said birds which have perfect Vision at night are always associated with evil, he insists that night time is for rest after the day's work and should therefore be spent at home with the family unlike in cases of irresponsible and evil men who would rather spend nights in various places like beer parlours and other gatherings where evil is hatched. Going further, Prof Gana said many Christians are living lives of misery because they have not exploited the potentials available to them, using the analogy of fishermen to buttress his point, he said such Christians are dwelling in the shallow waters of Christianity where very little or no fish can be caught, he therefore urged all to go the extra mile by moving to the deeper part of the ocean where a lot of fish is guaranteed.

In conclusion Prof Gana said the Eagle hardly grows old as it renews it's straight annually, this he said can be equated to the life of a Christian who is faithful, he also urged members of the church to imbibe the habit of helping the less privileged in their midst as this is one of the common attribute that is missing in churches these days.

Summarised and Edited By Chinedu Echianu For MTT

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