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Day 6 Session 10

Secret 10: Take Care of your body and manage your time well 3 John 1:2

Quotes: “God is not only interested in the salvation of our soul, but also in us staying and living healthy, it is only a healthy man that can shout for joy”.

Steps to taking care of our body

1. Eat your meal at regular interval & do not eat too much fat.

2. Balance work, exercise & rest.

3. Keep your body clean at all time.

4. Don’t harbor envy or grudge, rather always maintain a cheerful or happy disposition prov. 14:30, Mathew…More

Fri 11th-Jan-2019

Day 5 Session 9

Secret 9: See, Talk and Act Biblically. Prov. 18:21, Act 3:1-3, 2 king 4: 8-37 and Prov. 23.7

Quotes: “Whatsoever you think in your heart you are, so are you.”

You can’t access God’s mandate without talking about it, until you learn how to think, talk and act the scripture, it will be very difficult for you to access the blessing that are reveal through the scripture. Whatsoever you cannot see, you cannot touch.

If you are still having grass-hopper mentality in 2019, you can’t access the mandate in 2019. So many people…More

Fri 11th-Jan-2019

Day 5 Session 8

Secret 8: Secret of discovering the Plan of God for your Life. Jeremiah 15: 29

Quotes: “what you can’t discover, you can’t access, what you can locate, you can’t access. Discover what God has for you in 2019”

We are not on earth by accident, there’s God’s purpose for our creation.

When a man is outside God’s plan no amount of prayer that will make him access God’s Plan for his or her life.

When a man is outside God’s Plan, he becomes a failure and struggles.

In 2019, discover God’s mandate for your…More

Thu 10th-Jan-2019