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Letter to His Children


THOUGH it hath pleased the only wise God to suffer the malice of ungodly men, the enemies of Jesus Christ (and my enemies for his sake) to break out so far against me as to remove me from you in my personal habitation, thereby at once bereaving me of that comfort which I might have hoped for in the enjoyment of my family in peace, and you of that education, which my love as a father and duty as a parent, required me to give; yet... Read More

How to Lose Your Child Before He is Five Years Old

Rearing a family ought to be a thing of joy. You ought to sit down at home and laugh about all the little things that happen. You ought to be happy.

I can talk about teenagers because I have had four of them. My youngest daughter is 23 years old, so I know a little bit about teenagers.

I've heard people say, "Everything went along alright until my children became teenagers and then something happened." But I beg your pardon, that's not the case. Most of i... Read More

Service Time

Next Sunday  15th January 2023 will be a Combined Service Starting by 8:00am.  


  1. Monday Morning Prophetic Prayer holds Every Monday Morning by 6:00am.

    Come and start your week Prophetically with the Lord. 

  2. Bible Study hold every Monday by 6:00pm. "Come lets dig into the word of God"

  3. DHU Prayer Meeting holds every Tuesday by 6:00pm - 7:15pm at the Basement.