Preacher: Ordinance Emeka Chikelue

Text: Acts 1:8, Eph 6:12/ Rev 1:7

He cometh...Our Lord Jesus(he) cometh...Our Lord Jesus is coming soon,he surely cometh. The book of Revelation exposes us to the mind of God. You can read the book of revelation and understand it easily.…Read More

Thu 15th-Oct-2015

Preacher: Rev Melford Ewurum

Text: 2Tim 1:7, 1Corth 13:1-13

Waiting is expectation and expectation is life.

What is LOVE? Love is God, love is been obedience to God; it is one of the nature of God. Love is a state of mind that think about others. If you remove LOVE from…Read More

Thu 01st-Oct-2015

Preacher: Evang Stephen Chukwuma

Text: Acts 2:4

When we are filled in the holy spirit we do exploits for the lord. We should wait to be empowered and equipped by the holy spirit just like he did for the disciples and nobody was left behind. Every member of this church will…Read More

Thu 01st-Oct-2015

Preacher: Mr Godson Obah

Text: Act 2:18,38

For us to receive power,there is an obligation to repent from sin. For you to do the will of God,you need his power because you cannot actualize it on your own. God has a purpose for bringing you out. As a student for you to excel in…Read More

Tue 06th-Oct-2015

22nd Sunday in Trinity

November 1, 2015

TOPIC: Purity in Reigning Required.

18th Sunday in Trinity.

October 4, 2015

TOPIC: Power over the world.