Lessons From Muhammad Ali

On occasion great people possess the powers to impact our lives on a level that we never imagined. These special individuals exude a presence that can be felt by those they come into direct contact with and others that hear their voice. Muhammad Ali is one…Read More

Thu 30th-Jun-2016

Frustration usually occurs when our intended personal goals and dreams are not met. We may feel frustrated when an outcome of what we wanted to happen simply did not happen, or when we meet challenges. There are so many things that can cause us to be frustrated. Some people act on that feeling,…Read More

Wed 29th-Jun-2016

Understanding the nature of grief can help us to better cope with loss. Grief is a natural and healthy process that enables us to recover from terrible emotional wounds. William Cowper, the English hymn writer, said, “Grief is itself medicine.” People may say, “Don’t cry; your loved one…Read More

Tue 28th-Jun-2016

When will you accomplish the important things you really want to do? It will only happen now.

Be thankful for all that you have and for all the positive possibilities open to you. Set yourself free from the limiting thoughts that have held you back.

Connect with your…Read More

Tue 28th-Jun-2016

I’ve heard it said that personal growth and self-improvement are not for the weak of heart. It is true that anything that requires real examination of one’s self and one’s beliefs can be challenging. Self-reflection leaves us vulnerable, but it doesn’t need to be painful.

We do…Read More

Sat 25th-Jun-2016

I just had my 26 th birthday. It was the worst birthday I’ve ever had.


I can’t quite figure it out. I mean, I had over 30 friends show up. We drank good drinks, ate good food, and told good jokes. The night was fun. On the outside, it seemed liked I was having a good…Read More

Wed 22nd-Jun-2016

Do you have any regrets?

I had a lunch with an elderly woman recently, a woman whom I’ve enjoyed Christian fellowship with for years. This woman is filled with wisdom and insights and knowledge. So when I asked her about the biggest regret of her life, I knew she’d respond well.…Read More

Tue 21st-Jun-2016

Over the years, one of the most disheartening things I’ve realized is how few Christians care about the deep things of God. We tend to think that theology is only for pastors and leaders. But this isn’t true. God has graciously revealed himself through his Word, and every follower of Christ…Read More

Tue 14th-Jun-2016

5th Sunday after Trinity

June 26, 2016.

TOPIC: The Basics of our spiritual heritage.