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The Value of a Father's watch.

Text: Jn 7:30.

Introduction: Thanks be to God for another day. One of the roles of an earthly father is to watch, defend and shield the seed from his loins. In this his role he may fail at one time or the other not because he wants, but because he doesn't have the capability and capacity as a mortal being. But not with your heavenly father.

The text, Jn 7:30 bring to our knowledge that the Jews sought to kill him but His father watched over him. Why? His hour has not come. Why? That He will fulfill H... Read More


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The Lord God Almighty



FEBRUARY 13 2022


SUB-THEME: Christian’s Knowledge of God

TOPIC: The Lord God Almighty

Text: Exod. 15:1-11.

AIM: To help us understand the concept of the Almightiness of God and the Christians’ attitude in 

relating with Him in this light.


Today marks the beginning of preparations for Lent (Septuagesima Sunday), and we shall be focusing 

on the topic, "The Lord God Almighty." The Portrait of God as One who possesses absolute authority 

and power over all that exist in the universe is all over scripture. Through history, and across territories 

and generations, He has consistently exercised dominion, humbling extremely powerful sovereigns, 

while subjecting Satan and his evil hosts to eternal defeat and humiliation. This... Read More

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SERMON EXCERPT - Sunday 16th June 2024

SERMON EXCERPT - Sunday 16th June 2024
TOPIC: Be Strong and Courageous
TEXT:  Joshua 1:9
PREACHER: Rev Victor Bako

Who is to be strong and courageous?
One who is afraid
One who is weak
Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Muster the courage and face your fear. That thing that is appearing in front of you is not real, confront it and it will disappear. Some battle of your life, if not faced will consume you – be strong and courageous.

What do you need to do?
Make sure you do not fall in times of adversary (Proverbs 24:10). The strength required to pull through God will restore your strength in Jesus' name.
Come to God for help. Mattew 11:28. He said Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavily laden, and I will give you rest.
Irrespective of what you are going through trust God to help you.

Life is not by competition don’t compare yourself to others. 2 Corinthians 10:12 - Those that compare themselves with others are not wise.
Stay where you are and in due time God will exalt you.
Be slow and steady with the pace God is leading you.

Prayer point
Today, I receive the strength to pull through and face my challenges in Jesus' name.
Pray... Read More

SERMON EXCERPT - Sunday 21st April 2024

SERMON EXCERPT: Sunday 21st April 2024
THEME: Power of Steadfastness & Faithfulness 3
TOPIC: Fulfilment of God's Purpose Above Sinful Desires
TEXT: Daniel 11:32
PREACHER: Ven. (Dr) Louis Ochei

There is no greater purpose to live for than God's purpose in your life. When you live out God's purpose, He will ensure that your location does not lack allocation.

Let God lead you; let God fulfil His purpose in your life.

Who and what can God use to fulfil His purpose in your life?

1) God can use an animal to fulfil his purpose in your life - Numbers 22:21-34
Read More