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Your Year of Divine Navigation

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  1. Dedication/Redication & Thanksgiving of Christian Men Fellowship comes up Next Sunday 23rd February during 8am service. All members are expected to wear their CMF Uniform.

  2. There will be Christian Men Fellowship General Election of Officers on the 14th March, 2020 by 8am. All members are requested to participate in the Election.

  3. EFAC fellowship holds every Thursday by 6pm, Bible Sudy/Follow-up class every Sunday by 4pm.

Upcoming Event

Bible Study

TOPIC: General Introduction to theme & series.

Study 1/1 January 6 Epiphany
SUB THEME: Introductory Study
TEXT: Dan.4:24-27; Luke 12: 42 – 47.
AIMS: To help participants
i. grasp the meaning of the theme
ii. recognize godly leadership, and
iii. be challenge to have a desire to raise godly leadership.
The call for godly leadership in the political arena and Christian discipleship may be
indicative of a society that has strayed from God’s pattern and ordained style of
leadership. What then is leadership? It is “the capacity of someone to lead others;”
“having or occupying the position as a leader... Read More

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