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The Value of a Father's watch.

Text: Jn 7:30.

Introduction: Thanks be to God for another day. One of the roles of an earthly father is to watch, defend and shield the seed from his loins. In this his role he may fail at one time or the other not because he wants, but because he doesn't have the capability and capacity as a mortal being. But not with your heavenly father.

The text, Jn 7:30 bring to our knowledge that the Jews sought to kill him but His father watched over him. Why? His hour has not come. Why? That He will fulfill H... Read More


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The Lord God Almighty



FEBRUARY 13 2022


SUB-THEME: Christian’s Knowledge of God

TOPIC: The Lord God Almighty

Text: Exod. 15:1-11.

AIM: To help us understand the concept of the Almightiness of God and the Christians’ attitude in 

relating with Him in this light.


Today marks the beginning of preparations for Lent (Septuagesima Sunday), and we shall be focusing 

on the topic, "The Lord God Almighty." The Portrait of God as One who possesses absolute authority 

and power over all that exist in the universe is all over scripture. Through history, and across territories 

and generations, He has consistently exercised dominion, humbling extremely powerful sovereigns, 

while subjecting Satan and his evil hosts to eternal defeat and humiliation. This... Read More

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SERMON EXCERPT - Sunday 30th June 2024

SERMON EXCERPT - Sunday 30th June 2024
THEME: Characteristics of Godly Families 5
TOPIC: Characteristics of a Godly Marriage: Wife, a helpmeet and resource manager
TEXT: Genesis 2: 18
PREACHER: Ven. Dr. Louis Ochei

Marriage can make or mar a man. A man or woman can be doing well before marriage, but subtly after marriage, he/she can go down in all aspects of life (spiritual, physical, health and financial). It is important for every human being who desires a fruitful and successful marriage to pray for suitable helpmeet for his/her life.
Why did God give man a helpmeet?
God created woman to complement man. There are three reasons why:
The man was alone: To provide a partner for man and prevent loneliness, God made woman the perfect complementary companion.
So that man could fulfil his purpose: God created woman so that man could fully accomplish God’s divine purpose for him.
For procreation: God created woman so that man could be fruitful and multiply.
A man should always remember that he and his helpmeet are ONE but not the same, she helps a man to finish well.

How can a wife be a helpmeet and resource manager
1. Effective communication: 2nd Kings 4: 9 (Bible Ref.)
Effective communication guarantees a good home.... Read More

SERMON EXCERPT - Sunday 23rd June 2024

SERMON EXCERPT - Sunday 23rd June 2024
THEME: Characteristics of Godly Families 5
TOPIC: Husbands as the Chief Shepherd and Provider
TEXT: 1 Tim. 5: 8
PREACHER: Ven Dr. Louis Ochei

2 Samuel 5: 2, Genesis 18:19

A shepherd is one responsible for the well-being of the sheep. He is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the sheep.

Biblically, he is recognized as a leader over a people, chosen by God ( 2 Samuel 5:2). God himself is the shepherd (Isaiah 40:11).

A Shepherd chosen by God has a great responsibility to ensure that the sheep is cared for and well-directed.
The apparel of the bishop all have deep symbolic meaning attached to them with the bishop’s staff symbolising him as the shepherd of the church.

Who is a Husband as a shepherd? Genesis 18:19
The Husband is a worship leader
He is the architect of God’s Tabernacle: He draws the order of service/ worship in his home.
He guards his family in the word of God.
He regularly takes his family to God’s sanctuary and makes sure they attend church services and activities.
He provides. He builds his home with his resources and provides for the family regardless of circumstances.
He positively changes the atmosphere of the home. His presence should be looked... Read More