Vicars Charge

The Value of a Father's watch.

Text: Jn 7:30.

Introduction: Thanks be to God for another day. One of the roles of an earthly father is to watch, defend and shield the seed from his loins. In this his role he may fail at one time or the other not because he wants, but because he doesn't have the capability and capacity as a mortal being. But not with your heavenly father.

The text, Jn 7:30 bring to our knowledge that the Jews sought to kill him but His father watched over him. Why? His hour has not come. Why? That He will fulfill H... Read More


  1. Monday Morning Prophetic Prayer holds Every Monday Morning by 6:00am.

    Come and start your week Prophetically with the Lord. 

  2. Bible Study hold every Monday by 6:00pm. "Come lets dig into the word of God"

  3. DHU Prayer Meeting holds every Tuesday by 6:00pm - 7:15pm at the Basement.

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Bible Study

The Lord God Almighty



FEBRUARY 13 2022


SUB-THEME: Christian’s Knowledge of God

TOPIC: The Lord God Almighty

Text: Exod. 15:1-11.

AIM: To help us understand the concept of the Almightiness of God and the Christians’ attitude in 

relating with Him in this light.


Today marks the beginning of preparations for Lent (Septuagesima Sunday), and we shall be focusing 

on the topic, "The Lord God Almighty." The Portrait of God as One who possesses absolute authority 

and power over all that exist in the universe is all over scripture. Through history, and across territories 

and generations, He has consistently exercised dominion, humbling extremely powerful sovereigns, 

while subjecting Satan and his evil hosts to eternal defeat and humiliation. This... Read More

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