The Value of His Act - Reconciliation.
The Value of His Act - Reconciliation.

Text: Rom 5:6&10.

Introduction :

 Good morning, we cannot thank this faithful God enough for yet again another day.

Today we consider one of the acts of Jesus that we remain eternally grateful.

Let us ask ourselves this pertinent question. Who would I have being if not for Jesus?

This is one of the reflections for this Lenten season.

Rom. 5:6 & 10 tell us about the reconciliation acts of Jesus 1. He showed us love at the expense of His life not because we were righteous.

2. By His life we are saved and reconciled with our Father.


1. Lord, let your act of reconciliation always keep me on the path of righteousness.

2. O God my father, separate me from whatever separate me from you.


1. The love of Jesus will be more prominent upon you and your family this day and month in Jesus name.

2. The Lord shall reconcile you to any source of blessing you missed in time past on Jesus name.


Your brother and friend

Ven. Dr. Louis Ochei