The value of His Name.

Text. Pslm 89:24.

We thank God for another brand new day Saints of living God .

Not all earthly names ring a bell. Some command respect and trigger favour. While some the opposite is the case. However, even the ones that command respect and trigger favour it's ephemeral as it's influenced by changes and chances of life. But there's a name that is above every other name. A name that is not influenced by the ups and downs of life, a name that is immortal. The name Jesus. Do you value the name of whose you are?

Psalm 89:24. The name exalts ones horn. This simply means it provokes favour,where there's favour grace is at work, where grace is at work labour does not count. This is the value in His Name. This name Jesus will work on your behalf this day and month.

1. Rev 3:7. O Lord, let your name open door for me that no one, power or spirit can shut in Jesus name.
2. O Lord my father, let your name provoke unspeakable favour upon me and my family this day and month in Jesus name.
3. Pro 18:10. O God of fire, defend me and my family from every attack of my enemies known and unknown in Jesus name.

1. I declare upon you this day by the potency of the name Jesus, you and your family are blessed today.
2. I declare upon you this day, where others labour with little profit you will get double for your labour in the name of Jesus.

Your brother and friend

Ven. Dr. Louis Ochei