Vicars Charges

Who is your father?

Text: Lk 11:5-13.


What you seek determines what you get. Who you are is a function of  what you can access and what you can get. Each time Jesus seeks for anything in prayer it shows who He is and that guarantee his confidence in getting answer to His petition. Jn17:1., Mtt6. etc.

Saints of living God, looking unto Jesus takes your mind and eye away from self. Earthly fathers may or may not fail but your Heavenly fa... Read More

Service Time

Next Sunday 5th July 2020 will be a sectional service. 7:00am - 8:30am and 9:00am - 10:30am


  1. Monday Morning Prophetic Encounter holds Every Monday Morning by 6:00am.

  2. Bible Study hold every Monday by 6:00pm. "Come lets dig into the word of God"

  3. St. Andrew's Youth Fellowship holds their Fellowship every Sunday by 5:00pm.